German History 101: The History Of Germany… Before There Was Germany

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Want to learn the history of Germany but don’t want to spend years pouring over books? We have the solution for you!

In our bite-sized history lessons, you can learn important parts of Germany’s long, varied and super interesting history.

In this lesson, we elaborate on our first history lesson (a brief overview of Germany’s history… in 5 minutes) with more information about the history of Germany… before it became Germany.

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The History Of Germany... Before There Was GermanyPin

This video goes through the history of the area we now know as Germany from ancient times until just after Napoleon’s fall. You can learn about ancient Germanic tribes, the Roman Empire, the Huns, the Holy Roman Empire, the black death, Napoleon’s battles to destroy the Holy Roman Empire and more.

While this is a very brief overview, it does help bring Germany’s history alive and will help you understand the history of Germany at a high level before we enter more modern times.

Watch the video below for this interesting overview of Germany’s history up until the 1800s.

It covers a lot, but hopefully now you have a better idea of the history of this area.

Want to learn more about Germany’s history? Find our lesson about the first German king here and when Germany became a country here. You can also find all our history lessons here.

Sharon Gourlay in the Rhina Valley

By Sharon Gourlay

Sharon first fell in love with Germany back in 2000 on her first visit. She loves the long history, the picturesque Old Towns, the castles, the food, everything really! Since then, she has visited many times and loves writing about Germany here so you can enjoy it too. In fact, Sharon loves German culture so much that she sent her kids to a German primary school in Australia. She especially loves Berlin and towns with charming Old Towns like Celle and Quedlinburg. Sharon also has a Certificate III in International Travel Sales and understands the nitty gritty of travel planning. Through this site, she'll help you have the perfect trip to Germany whether it's your first or tenth time!

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