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When you think about pasta, the first thing you think of probably isn’t German food. However, pasta plays a part in German cuisine too – in a delicious way.

Pasta is generally associated with Italian cuisine, but like many other countries across the world, Germany has its own unique spin on pasta dishes. Although not as central to German cuisine as it is to Italian, pasta has found its place in the German culinary landscape.

Learn all about it, including a delicious recipe, below!

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Pasta In Germany

A typical German pasta is “Spätzle,” a noodle that is especially popular in the southern regions of Germany, such as Swabia, Bavaria, and the Black Forest area. It is made from a simple dough consisting of eggs, flour, salt, and a little water or milk.

The dough is typically scraped off a wooden cutting board into boiling water where it cooks until it floats to the surface, indicating that it is done.

Once cooked, Spätzle can be served in a variety of ways with many regional variations.

Kasespatzle (like a German macaroni and cheese)

German pasta sauces are typically less tomato-based and feature more cream, cheese, and meat-based sauces reflective of the local taste and agricultural resources.

Spätzle is just one type of pasta/noodle dishes and there are more. German cuisine has also adapted more typical Italian pasta dishes to local tastes and ingredients such as cheeses, meats and root vegetables.

That’s what you’ll find below in this absolutely delicious pasta recipe.

German Pasta Recipe

Watch the following video for the recipe. It’s hearty and delicious.

Note that you turn on subtitles for English.

This dish has so many typical German ingredients in a delicious pasta dish. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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