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Unlock the magic of Monschau, a gem nestled in the hills of the Eifel region of Germany. This article is your personal guide to the top nine unmissable things to do in a town that promises to charm you with its fairytale allure. 🤩

From the moment you set foot in the storybook town of Monschau, a sense of enchantment will wash over you. Cobbled streets lined with half-timbered houses, crystal-clear waters of the Rur River, and trails of flowers that seem to burst from every crevice – the town looks as if it’s been plucked from a medieval tapestry.

Monschau will seduce youPin

As a traveler with a heart for discovery, I’ve wandered through its winding alleys and lush green outskirts to handpick the absolute must-dos that showcase the spirit of this town. 

When you have seen a fair bit of Germany, it’s easy to become a little ho-hum about fairytale old towns – there are many around. However, Monschau is truly one that is unique, special and definitely a place you should visit. Even in the rain, I absolutely loved this town.

Whether you’re a history buff eager to connect with the past, an outdoor enthusiast looking for your next adrenaline rush, or a culture seeker on the hunt for genuine artisan crafts and gastronomical delights, Monschau holds promises for every kind of traveler.

Join me as we explore the nooks and crannies of a town that truly embodies the saying, good things come in small packages.

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A Brief History of Monschau

Monschau is a charming town nestled in the hills of the Eifel region of western Germany, near the Belgian border. Its history dates back over 800 years, with the first recorded mention of the town known as “Munjoie” in 1198.

The town flourished in the 12th century due to the construction of Monschau Castle, which dominates the landscape to this day, and was originally built to protect the town and control local silver mining operations.

During the Middle Ages, Monschau developed a thriving cloth industry; its high-quality wool and cloth were in demand throughout Europe. The wealth generated from this trade is reflected in the opulent half-timbered houses and elegant stone buildings that characterize the town’s old center and have been remarkably well-preserved throughout the centuries.


In the 18th century, Monschau was known for its fine mustard, a tradition that continues with the town still producing its distinct “Monschauer Senf.” Despite its early prosperity, the town’s remote location contributed to a relative decline in industrial significance during the Industrial Revolution when compared to other regions, which inadvertently contributed to the preservation of its historical character.

The 19th and 20th centuries saw a shift towards tourism as visitors came to appreciate the town’s picturesque setting, its narrow cobblestone streets, and its charming architecture. Monschau became particularly popular in the 20th century as a destination for artists and photographers, capturing its historical beauty and contributing to its cultural cache.

Largely untouched by the destruction of both World Wars, Monschau stands today as a living museum, offering a window into historical Europe and attracting tourists who seek to experience its unspoiled beauty and rich history.

Top 9 Incredible Things To Do In Monschau

1. Explore Monschau Castle

Monschau CastlePin
Monschau Castle

Monschau Castle stands regally as a sentinel over the quaint town, offering a lesson in history as well as breathtaking panoramas. Initially constructed in the 13th century, the fortress embodies the region’s medieval heritage.

While it has withstood the passing centuries, today, it isn’t merely a relic to be admired from afar. The castle hosts vibrant events and lively concerts, especially during the summer, infusing modern-day entertainment with ancient grandeur.

The ascent to the castle is a delightful experience in itself, as the path winds through the town’s picturesque landscape, affording visitors a view that captures the quintessential charm of the region.

2. Stroll Through the Old Town

Wandering the Old Town MonschauPin
Wandering the Old Town

The Old Town of Monschau is like a storybook setting come to life. With its cobblestone alleyways and timber-framed houses, it thrives as the centerpiece of the town’s enchanting atmosphere. The blend of rustic architecture and the gentle flow of the Rur River provide a haven for artists and photographers.

Each step through this historic area reveals another charming shop or café, offering you an authentic taste of local craftsmanship and culinary tradition.

Immerse yourself in the shops offering handcrafted goods or savor a cup of coffee as you soak in the atmosphere that has attracted and inspired visitors for decades. Take your time and really enjoy this Old Town. It was bigger than I expected with plenty to enjoy.

3. Red House (Rotes Haus)

Red House (Rotes Haus) MonschauPin
Red House (Rotes Haus)

The Rotes Haus, a grand 18th-century mansion, is more than just an opulent residence; it’s a trip back in time to the period when the Scheibler family’s textile enterprise was at its height. The building is famed for its imposing main staircase, which is an architectural marvel in itself, and its rooms adorned with original furniture and draperies from the era.

A visit here takes one through the evolution of fashion and textile production, industries inherent to Monschau’s prosperity. The museum showcases the Scheibler family’s private collections and provides insight into the domestic life of the European upper class during the 18th and 19th centuries.

4. Visit the Monschau Glassworks (Glashütte Monschau)

Monschau Glassworks (Glashütte Monschau)Pin
Monschau Glassworks (Glashütte Monschau) with the castle in the background

A short, but steep walk up and down from the main Old Town area, this glassworks in Monschau is where the ancient art of glassblowing is alive and well. You have the unique opportunity to observe master glassblowers at work, creating intricate and beautiful pieces with techniques that have been passed down through generations.

The transparency and form of the material transform into intricate designs right before your eyes, from vases to Christmas ornaments. There’s also a showroom where you can buy your own special glass souvenir.


5. Mustard Mill (Historische Senfmühle)

The Historic Mustard Mill is a flavorful monument to Monschau’s culinary tradition. A family-run establishment dating back to 1882, it continues to produce mustard using traditional methods and recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Touring this mill allows you to see the lovingly preserved stone grinder in action, which is still powered by the waters of the Rur River.

And of course, the highlight is the tasting: from spicy to sweet, herbed to fruity, the mill crafts a variety of mustards that promise an explosion of flavor that is perfectly paired with local meats and cheeses.

6. Cross the Historic Bridges


The Rur River is a sparkling artery that runs through Monschau, and its numerous bridges knit the banks of the town together. Each bridge tells its own story and offers distinct views of the surrounding buildings and lush landscapes.

Historical significance is integral to these structures, which have stood witness to the town’s evolution through peace and turmoil.

7. Enjoy Local Cuisine at a Traditional Inn


A foray into the local cuisine is pivotal for a genuine Monschau experience. Traditional inns are scattered through the town and serve as bastions of regional culture and gastronomy. They offer hearty servings of local specialties like succulent bratwurst, potato pancakes with apple sauce, and a variety of Schnitzel dishes accompanied by the full-bodied Monschau Dütchen beer.

These establishments provide not only nourishment but also a warm, inviting atmosphere steeped in history, where wood beams and stone walls are as central to the experience as the food and drink.

8. Visit Belgium at the Weirdest Border in the World


A short walk from the center of town will take you to the weirdest border in the world.

Called the Vennbahn, there is a little strip of land that runs through Germany that is part of Belgium – and you can visit it here. You’ll never walk through a country so quickly. 😂

Read more about it here.

9. Hike in the Eifel National Park

Eifel National ParkPin
Eifel National Park

Finally, the Eifel National Park on the outskirts of Monschau provides an invigorating counterpoint to the town’s historical charm. The park, with its rolling hills, dense forests, and deep valleys, is an eco-tourist’s dream.

A network of well-marked trails invites hikers of all abilities to discover its secrets, offering both challenging routes and leisurely walks. Whether it’s the chance to spot local wildlife, the quest for the perfect nature shot, or the joy of breathing fresh, clean air, this natural playground is the ideal way to round off your discovery of the Monschau area.

How To Get To Monschau

Bus to Monschau from AachenPin
Bus to Monschau from Aachen’s Bahnhof Rothe Erde

Embarking on a journey to the quaint town of Monschau? Nestled within the rolling hills of the Eifel region, this picturesque destination awaits your arrival. Let’s explore the best ways to reach this charming spot from various locations across Germany.

Car is the easiest way to get here. It’s a little out of the way otherwise, but you’ll have no problems in your own wheels.

You can hire a car here.

If you wish to take public transport, you need to get to Aachen. This is easy on a Deutsche Bahn train. Either take a train straight to Aachen or go to Cologne and take one from there.

Click here to see train options.

Once in Aachen, the last leg of your rail journey requires a switch to a bus. You can take bus SB66 from Bahnhof Rothe Erde in Aachen. This is what I did and it took nearly an hour to get to Monschau. It was straightforward and well worth the effort! I had my Deutschland Ticket, but it seemed you can also buy tickets from the driver.

You can also see all your bus and train options on the Deutsche Bahn site here.

There is no train station in Monschau.

Final Words

Beautiful MonschauPin
Stunning Monschau

Monschau… You took my breath away!

Monschau is an enchanting locale that promises visitors a unique blend of historical architecture, natural beauty, and cultural vibrancy. Whether you are strolling through its cobblestone lanes, sampling regional cuisine, or exploring ancient castles, this picturesque town offers a plethora of experiences that cater to all kinds of travelers.

Monschau’s charm is undeniable, and the array of activities from scenic hikes to artisan workshops ensures that each moment spent here is filled with enchantment and discovery. A journey to this serene town is not just a retreat into the splendor of the past; it is an immersive tapestry of sights, tastes, and sounds that will captivate the heart and seduce the soul.

It’s truly one of the most beautiful towns in Europe.

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