Lesson 22: Exactly How To Say Your Profession

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Want to learn German or want to learn something quickly you can use in Germany? Learn how to say your profession.

It’s common to discuss what you do for a living when meeting new people and, after this lesson, you’ll be able to do it in German. You can also learn other professions so you can understand what others do.

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Lesson 22: Exactly How To Say Your ProfessionPin

Professions can be a little trickier to learn in German than in English because they have different words for males vs females. However, this is not much extra work as you simply add “-in” to the end of the profession for females.

You also use different forms of “the”. It is “der” for males and “die” for females.

Watch the video below to learn common professions as well as how to ask someone’s profession and how to respond. Below the video, you’ll find a list of the vocabulary used so you can write it down and practise.

You can do this!

Some of the vocabulary taught in this lesson:

  • der Beruf/die Berufe – Profession/Professions
  • Was sind Sie von Beruf? – What is your profession?
  • Ich bin… – I am… eg Ich bin Lehrerin, I am a teacher (female)
  • der Lehrer/die Lehrerin – Teacher (male/female)
  • der Arzt/die Ärztin – Doctor
  • der Pilot/die Pilotin – Pilot
  • der Architekt/die Architketin – Architect
  • der Programmierer/die Programmiererin – Programmer
  • der Student/die Studentin – Student
  • der Polizist/die Polizistin – Police officer
  • der Manager/die Managerin – Manager
  • der Buchhalter/die Buchhalter – accountant

These are not all the professions that are in the video. Watch the video to find yours. If you still can’t find it, use Google translate.

Time to practise until you can say these words without thinking 🙂

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