Elsa Meyer

Elsa Meyer

Senior Writer

Expertise Germany Travel, Travel Planning, German Language and Culture

Education Bachelor of Arts from the University of Hamburg


  • German born and university educated with a degree in German language and culture
  • Extensively traveled Germany with favorite areas being the Black Forest and Rhine Valley
  • Written hundreds of hotel reviews based on hundreds of hotel stays.


Elsa was born in Germany before moving to the US as a kid. She spent summers with her grandparents in Germany and the rest of the year in the US making her uniquely qualified to write about traveling in Germany from a US and native perspective.

Elsa is also an avid traveler and has just hit country #30. She particularly loves traveling in Europe (Germany the most, of course) and around the US. She loves sharing her love of German culture, travel and language here on Germany Footsteps.

When not writing for this site, Elsa loves to read and plan her next trip to Deutschland.


Elsa’s educational background along with her childhood gives her unique insights into German culture and language. She studied in Germany so also traveled a lot during this time.

Her bachelor degree in this area helps her understand what makes Germany different and to share that with you here.

You can read more about this site here.

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