10 Off-The-Beaten-Track Places To Visit In Southern Germany That Will Blow You Away! 😍

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Unveiling Southern Germany’s hidden gems, this article is a treasure map for the curious traveler seeking the exceptional corners not often found on postcards. These 10 off-the-beaten-track best places in Southern Germany promise to astound you with their understated allure and breathtaking beauty.

Crafting this list was no mere accident. I delved into the quaint villages, whispered local legends, and even sipped coffee with the townsfolk to gather tales that travel brochures rarely tell. These spots were chosen for their unique charm, historical richness, and the sheer ability to leave you awestruck—and I can’t wait to share them with you. 

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In these paragraphs to follow, you will embark on a journey through verdant valleys and unblemished landscapes where fairy tales seem to spring to life and each cobblestone path tells a story. The best part is that these places aren’t full of the crowds that head to Southern Germany’s more famous hotspots. At these best places to visit in South Germany, you can enjoy everything that makes Southern Germany special without feeling like you are on a tourist conveyor belt,

So pack your sense of adventure as we explore Southern Germany’s less-trodden paths that are just waiting to reveal their secrets to an intrepid explorer like you.

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10 Best Places To Visit In Southern Germany (That Aren’t Super Popular)

1. Dinkelsbühl


Dinkelsbühl grasps you with its enchanting pull, where medieval walls whisper tales of a time past. As you wander the cobbled streets, you’re not just a visitor but a keeper of secrets. It’s a jewel often overlooked for the well-trodden paths of Neuschwanstein or the Romantic Road, yet it’s here you’ll find the heart of true, unspoiled Germany.

Imagine walking through colorful old houses that seem to lean in, inviting you to partake in their history. I’ve felt a unique warmth beneath their gabled roofs, a sensation that’s markedly different each time the Bavarian air fills my lungs. Located close to the famous Rothenburg, this is the place where you can enjoy a fairytale village without the crowds.

Discover Dinkelsbühl, and let it capture you, as it always recaptures me—with its quiet charm and a spirit that stays with you, long after the journey ends. It’s definitely one of the unmissable best places to visit in Southern Germany.

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2. Blautopf


Blautopf, nestled in Germany’s Swabian Alps, is one of the best things to do in Southern Germany that’s not well known. It beckons with its mesmerizing azure waters. Known for being one of the deepest and most beautiful springs in Germany, this natural wonder is a sight you won’t soon forget. 

Discover the myth-shrouded source of the Blau River; local legend whispers of a beautiful nymph that keeps watch over its depths. It’s not just a feast for the eyes; adventurers can embark on guided diving expeditions to explore its underwater cave system. 

You should come see this enchanting spectacle. Whether you’re a nature lover or a myth chaser, Blautopf offers that serene escape into a world where folklore seems to come to life. It’s a good place to visit for a spellbinding experience that stays with you long after you’ve returned home.

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3. Lichtenstein Castle

Lichtenstein CastlePin
Lichtenstein Castle

Lichtenstein Castle is your hidden gem tucked away in Southern Germany. Perched on a cliff edge, it’s like stepping into a fairytale. The castle, often overshadowed by its famous relative Neuschwanstein, offers a more intimate glimpse into Germany’s royal past without the throngs of tourists.

Imagine wandering through ornate rooms and admiring panoramic views that stretch out over the Echaz Valley; it’s a history buff’s dream and a nature lover’s paradise. Their guided tours reveal fascinating stories behind the castle’s walls.

It’s a delightful detour for travelers seeking authenticity. Here, you can savor the tranquility and take in a piece of living history in relative peace. And for me, every visit feels like rediscovering a special part of my heritage. Don’t miss this enchanting hideaway on your German adventure.

4. Mittenwald


One of the best towns in Southern Germany is Mittenwald. Nestled in the Bavarian Alps, it’s well worth the journey. Picture a town where colorful frescoes adorn the buildings and tranquil alpine lakes beckon for a refreshing dip. As you stroll along its historic streets, the air carries the soft melodies of violin craftsmanship, a local trade that’s flourished here for centuries.

In Mittenwald, you’ll find serenity enveloped by dramatic mountain peaks, an escape from the bustle of tourist-heavy destinations. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a mountain hike or the relaxation of a scenic cable car ride, this town offers both an adventure and a peaceful retreat. It’s the perfect spot to connect with nature and embrace the charm of traditional Bavarian culture. Come see for yourself; Mittenwald is waiting to enchant you.

5. Triberg in the Black Forest


Triberg, nestled in the Black Forest, is a haven away from the typical tourist trails. You’ll find Germany’s highest waterfalls here, cascading through lush woodland and inviting you to wander and wonder at nature’s prowess. There’s something magical about the sound of water thundering down into the misty forest below.

It’s not just the falls that beckon. Triberg is also home to authentic cuckoo clocks, intricately handcrafted, and delightful to witness. Imagine bringing back a piece of timeless German craftsmanship as your travel memento. It’s one of the attractions in Southern Germany that’s worth stopping for.

For adventurous souls, you can explore winding hiking trails offering serene views. Triberg is perfect for an escape where you can immerse in tranquility, connect with nature, and experience the heart of the Black Forest. If you’re seeking a hidden gem on your journey, make sure this enchanting town is on your list.

6. Walhalla Memorial

Walhalla MemorialPin
Walhalla Memorial

Another worthy stop on your South Germany road trip, Walhalla Memorial is nestled above the Danube River. As you ascend the grand marble steps, history whispers through the neoclassical columns, holding a treasury of Germany’s past. Inside, busts and plaques honor great German-speaking figures, offering a unique glimpse into cultural legacies.

It’s more than a monument; it’s a serene escape with breathtaking views. Stand with me on the terrace, overlooking the tranquil water—time seems to pause here. Walhalla is your off-the-beaten-path destination that combines natural beauty with a poignant lesson in heritage.

For travelers seeking a blend of inspiration and reflection away from crowded tourist spots, Walhalla invites you to a rendezvous with history in an awe-inspiring setting.

7. Füssen’s High Castle (Hohes Schloss Füssen)

Hohes Schloss FüssenPin
Hohes Schloss Füssen

Füssen’s High Castle, perched above the town, offers a quieter slice of Southern Germany’s wonder. When you explore its Renaissance halls, gazing upon the art-laden walls, the past vividly whispers back to life.

From the castle’s vantage point, you are bestowed with breathtaking alpine vistas. You’ll find yourself enveloped in panoramic views that blend the historical with the natural – a unique dialogue of beauty.

For travelers seeking serenity away from the bustling tourist trails, Füssen’s High Castle is a must. It’s a true gem that marries tranquility with rich culture.

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8. Kloster Andechs

Kloster AndechsPin
Kloster Andechs

Kloster Andechs is a hidden gem perched on a holy hill. As a spiritual retreat, it offers more than serenity. The old Bavarian tradition of brewing beer melds with a monastic lifestyle here. You’ll be enchanted by the Baroque church and the panoramic views of the countryside. It’s a fun and peaceful stop on a Southern Germany road trip.

While savoring a locally brewed beer in the beer garden, you can feel the continuity of centuries-old traditions. Their beer is something of legend, rich in flavor, and made with time-honored methods. It’s a place where you can sit, sip, and savor the quieter side of Bavaria.

Whether seeking a spiritual moment or simply a peaceful break from the bustle, Kloster Andechs invites you into its history. It offers a unique experience that combines cultural richness with a taste of the local life. Just take it from someone who’s walked these grounds, this is a side of southern Germany you won’t want to miss.

9. Wiblingen Abbey

Wiblingen AbbeyPin
Wiblingen Abbey

Nestled quietly in the outskirts of Ulm, Wiblingen Abbey beckons with its understated charm. This former Benedictine monastery houses an ornate library that’s a baroque masterpiece, breathing with artistic grandeur. As you step inside, the intricate frescoes and gilded woodwork transport you to a time when monks wandered these very halls.

It’s a hidden jewel often overlooked for more famous attractions, yet its tranquil beauty is precisely why you should visit. The abbey’s elaborate design and serene atmosphere provide a rare respite from the bustling tourist spots. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or seeking a moment of peace, Wiblingen Abbey offers a unique glimpse into Southern Germany’s rich cultural tapestry.

10. Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden

Ramsau bei BerchtesgadenPin
Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden

Tucked away in the Bavarian Alps, Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden is a hidden gem that draws you in with its fairy-tale church set against the dramatic Watzmann mountain range. The serene Hintersee lake beckons nature enthusiasts, offering still waters perfect for kayaking.

Walking through Ramsau is like stepping into a postcard; the scenery is overwhelmingly beautiful and uniquely peaceful. You’ll find paths winding through lush forests and alongside gurgling streams, perfect for recharging your soul. 

This charming village is not just a feast for the eyes, but also a sanctuary for those seeking solace from the bustle of tourist hotspots. When you’re yearning for tranquility blended with adventure, let Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden be your undiscovered retreat.

There are so many fabulous places to visit in Southern Germany that there is no reason to only stick to the tourist-filled, most popular sites. There’s always something extra special about visiting an amazing attraction away from the tourist masses. With this list, you can find them for yourself.

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