Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel Review: Everything You Need To Know About Staying Here

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Looking for accommodation in the middle of a gorgeous Rhine Valley town? Like apartment style accommodation? Consider Rhine Pearl Hideaways in Oberwesel.

Rhine Pearl Hideaways is in the middle of the town of Oberwesel in its Medieval Old Town. Home to three kilometres of town walls, many towers and other fun things to see, Oberwesel is a great place to use as a base while you explore the UNESCO World Heritage listed Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

Rhine Pearl Hideaways OberweselPin
Rhine Pearl Hideaways

Moments from the train station, whether you have a car or not, this accommodation option can have you exploring the region in minutes while enjoying all the comforts at home.

So what can you find at Rhine Pearl Hideaways? Is it good value? Did we enjoy our stay? Keep reading.

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Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel Review

Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel is housed in a three storey building with an apartment on each level. We stayed here with our three kids aged 6, 10 and 12.


Rhine Pearl Hideaways is in a great location in the centre of Oberwesel. It’s a 5 minute walk from the train station and there are plenty of shops and restaurants in the vicinity. You can walk to most Oberwesel attractions from here easily.

Address: Kirchstraße 44-46, Oberwesel 55430

Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel mapPin
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Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel The entry to our two bedroom apartmentPin
The entry to our two bedroom apartment

There are three apartments at Rhine Pearl Hideaways. The one on the ground floor has one bedroom and the ones on the other two levels have two bedrooms. They sleep 4 to 6 people depending on the apartment.

The bedrooms each have double beds and all apartments have double sofa beds in the living area.

All have self contained kitchens and living and dining areas. They have heating and air conditioning (in the living room). Essentials such as linen, towels, toilet paper, soap and shampoo are supplied to start your stay. Baby cribs and high chairs can be supplied.

They also have big TVs with Netflix and Amazon Prime and washing machines. They are all modern and well presented.

They differ a little on price with the one bedroom apartment being the cheapest. The middle floor two bedroom apartment costs slightly more than the other two bedroom apartment. It has the bonus of a covered terrace and a spa bath in the bathroom (more about this apartment below).

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Large Air-conditioned Two-Bedroom Apartment

Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel The main bedroomPin
The main bedroom

We stayed in the middle level two bedroom apartment with terrace. It is great.

On walking into the apartment, I was struck by how light, spacious and modern it was. The photos online did definitely not do it justice.

The apartment started with a hallway with a shoe shelf. Windows lined most the hallway and I could see out to a balcony (later I realised this lead to a big terrace).

Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel The second bedroomPin
The second bedroom

To the right was the main bedroom with big cupboards, a shelf for a suitcase, book shelves with many books, drawers and a queen sized bed.

The second bedroom leads of the main bedroom with a double bed, cupboard and drawers.

The bedrooms are both great except the curtains are quite thin and let in the light.

Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel BathroomPin

To the left of the entry was the bathroom. This is a good size with something that has been quite rare for us in Europe – a separate shower and bath! The bath is a good looking spa bath. There’s also a basin, toilet and a washing machine.

The spa was our biggest problem with this place. It looked great, we spent awhile filling it up and then turned it on… Within half a minute, the water was filled with small black pieces of something. So it was unusable and we were stuck cleaning the bath to actually use it (without the spa function which we didn’t want to touch again).

Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel Entry to kitchen and dining roomPin
Entry to kitchen and dining room
Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel Dining and kitchen areaPin
Dining and kitchen area

Further along the hallway is the next room – a spacious kitchen and dining room including a big pantry. The kitchen is well equipped with everything we could need. Again, it’s modern, clean and looked great.

Finally, there is the dining and living room. This is spacious with a bigger dining table than the kitchen, a big sofa bed, a big smart TV and a heating/air conditioning unit.

Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel Dining and living roomPin
Dining and living room

Outside, as mentioned previously, is a big terrace as well as a balcony area. It felt quite luxurious to have this big space which was like another dining and living room. It felt very private.

The place is very clean and quiet. Apart from a garbage truck one morning, we didn’t really hear anything. We really loved this home away from home.

Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel terracePin
The big terrace. The photo doesn’t do it justice

Other than the curtains and spa bath cleanliness, my only complaint is that I found check-in a little annoying. I had a number that I was meant to ring at 6pm the night before (I used whatsapp messaging instead as the accommodation’s instruction was that they didn’t speak good English).

This turned out to no longer be the right person and I ended up getting another number… Then another number! We’d also been told 6pm was earliest check-in but thankfully this also turned out to have changed and earlier is fine.

Anyway, it all worked out and really wasn’t a big deal. The man we met at check-in spoke English and was helpful and kind.

There are a few things you have to do at check-out, like strip all the beds, but nothing too cumbersome.

All in all, a very fantastic place.


Given this isn’t a hotel, you can’t expect many facilities. However, there is fantastic wifi throughout the property and you can park bicycles in the parking garage.

Note that there isn’t any car parking on site. We parked by the train station. This is about five minutes walk away. I think it’s meant to cost 2 Euros a day but when we were here, the ticket machine was broken.

The street is not busy so I recommend you pull up the front and quickly pull your luggage out before driving to park.

Rhine Pearl Hideaways Oberwesel Our balconyPin
Our balcony


There is no dining on-site but plenty of restaurants in the vicinity. However, early in the week many are shut. We arrived on a Tuesday night in August and struggled to find something close by that was open and had space.

We thankfully found Thai Restaurant Weinhaus Weiler by Marktplatz which had great food, was open and had space. Winning!

Oberwesel's gorgeous MarktplatzPin
Oberwesel’s gorgeous Marktplatz is just a couple of minutes walk away. The building front left has great Thai food

Final Words

Rhine Pearl Hideaways is an excellent choice of accommodation in Oberwesel and in the Rhine Valley in general.

We found it to be an excellent place to stay for our family. It’s very comfortable and the price is honestly unreal. It is one of the best deals we have had on accommodation in Germany.

Other than a couple of minor issues, everything was perfect. It’s a quiet, relaxed place to stay and a great base from which to explore the Rhine Valley.

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