13 Weirdest (And Unique) Places To Visit In Germany Revealed!

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Embark on a journey through Germany’s most peculiar corners in this guide to the weirdest places in Germany. From the enigmatic remnants of an amusement park to mystical bridges and eccentric museums, these spots are the country’s best-kept secrets. If you love unique and unusual places, you’ll want to add them to your bucket list.

Combing through Germany’s odd and the extraordinary, I’ve found a list of unique places to visit in Germany that are far from the ordinary tourist trail. This list comes from scouring quirky travel blogs, forums where die-hard explorers swap tales, and from my own experiences exploring Germany.

The goal? To piece together an index of places that would make even the most seasoned travelers raise an eyebrow in intrigue.

13 Weirdest (And Unique) Places To Visit In Germany Revealed!Pin

Step into the pages of a modern-day fairy tale as we start at Spreepark, Berlin’s abandoned amusement park that conjures ghosts of laughter and thrills. Explore the fantastical landscape of Bastei Bridge, where nature’s artistry meets human ambition. Then tip-toe across the mythical Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge, perfectly crafted for a photograph with a trick up its sleeve. 

In a lighter vein, fancy a rendezvous with the biggest names in pop at Halle’s Beatles Museum, or delve into the subterranean wonderland of Berchtesgaden’s ancient salt mines. And let’s not forget a pit stop at the Gnome Museum because, really, where else in the world could you hang out with so many garden gnomes?!

With a friendly and humorous guide like this, expect the unexpected as we unravel the weirdness that Germany hides in its nooks and crannies. You won’t need a PhD in offbeat travel—just a sense of adventure and perhaps a readiness to believe in gnomes. So lace up your most comfortable shoes, pack your curiosity, and let’s uncover the wonderful weirdness of Germany together!

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13 Weirdest (And Unique) Places To Visit In Germany

Wünsdorf “The Forbidden Town,” Brandenburg

In Wünsdorf, “The Forbidden Town” of Brandenburg, you’ll find an odd silence haunting its deserted streets. This once-bustling military hub, hidden in the woods, was erased from public maps by the Soviets during the Cold War, cloaked in secrecy. 

Venture here and you’ll tread on the grounds of a ghostly past, where barracks and bunkhouses stand as eerie remnants of its forbidden heritage. The town whispers stories of an era shrouded in mystery.

Exploring Wünsdorf is like walking through a time capsule, one that exemplifies the weird amalgam of history and abandonment. It’s a place that’s uniquely compelling, beckoning the curious to uncover what was meant to stay hidden.

Spreepark, BerlinPin

Spreepark, Berlin

Spreepark in Berlin is a hauntingly unique place in Germany. Imagine, wandering through an overgrown amusement park where rusted Ferris wheel seats sway silently, and defunct rides loom like eerie sculptures. The park’s decaying dinosaurs peek out among the foliage, giving you a glimpse into a forgotten world of festivities.

You can explore paths where ecstatic children once scampered, now wrapped in a quiet that’s both chilling and fascinating. As you thread through its dilapidated grounds, this once vibrant place whispers stories of a bygone era, inviting us into a surreal exploration of time stalled.

Spreepark isn’t just a detour; it’s a walk through an abandoned fantasy tucked away in a bustling city.

Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge, Kromlau

Next up is Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge in Kromlau. This bridge is a beautiful spectacle that blurs the line between man-made wonders and mystical natural forms. This bridge has been crafted to form a perfect stone circle with its reflection in the waters below.

As you tread lightly across the arc, the sensation is otherworldly; the bridge was constructed with such precision that it seems to merge with nature itself. You’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a fairy tale, a place where mythic tales might just come to life if you glance into the water at the right moment.

To visit Rakotzbrücke is to walk amongst folklore. It feels as if it could have been the work of mischievous spirits rather than human hands.

Rakotzbrücke Devil's Bridge, KromlauPin
Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge

Plague Chapel, Weilheim

Discover the eerie allure of Weilheim’s Plague Chapel, a site as unsettling as it is uncommon. This somber chapel is a monument to the desolation brought by the plague, an epidemic that ravaged populations including those in Germany. Venturing here, the air feels heavy with history; ancient stones whisper tales of sorrow and survival.

As you tread lightly through its hauntingly quiet interior, the weight of past pestilence lingers palpably. This is not just a historical site; it’s a vivid testament to human resilience in the face of devastating disease. The Plague Chapel stands as one of the weirdest places you can visit, a profoundly unique journey into a darkly fascinating chapter of human history. Many people think it is haunted.

You can also read about the places most impacted by the Black Death here.

Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital, Beelitz

As you set foot in the Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital, an uncanny sense envelops you. Its war-touched ruins, now surrendered to wild greenery, stand as a monument to bygone eras. Built in 1898, this was once a hospital complex of around 60 buildings. It even treated Adolph Hitler when he was injured in WWI.

It was later used a Soviet Military Hospital for 50 years until it shutdown in 1995. Today, small sections are used but the rest is empty and waiting to be explored. While many used to visit alone to venture in the buildings, drink or scare themselves silly, today there is a walkway to make it easier and safer.

However you visit, you’ll find yourself wrapped in the weirdness of history intertwined with the tranquility of nature. Beelitz is a surreal chapter in Germany’s story, awaiting your own eerie exploration.

Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital, BeelitzPin
Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital

Berchtesgaden Salt Mines, Bavaria

Embark on an unusual descent into the Berchtesgaden Salt Mines in Bavaria. Imagine delving deep beneath the Alpine peaks where miners once toiled for “white gold.” This eerie underworld is accessible by miner’s train, plunging you into winding caverns and past salt-encrusted walls.

You’ll find yourself sliding down wooden banisters, originally used by miners, into the heart of the mountain. Awe-inspiring yet strangely silent, the underground salt lake awaits, where a raft glides across its mirror-like surface. This is not your typical tourist destination – it’s a rare glimpse into a hidden subterranean industry cloaked in history and mystery.

Völklinger Hütte, Saarland

Step into the industrial cathedral of Völklinger Hütte in Saarland, and you’re in a landscape that’s both eerie and awe-inspiring. This former ironworks, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, contrasts sharply with Germany’s quintessential castles and countryside.

The massive furnaces and labyrinthine passages speak of a bygone era of grit and steel, making you feel like a modern-day explorer in a metal giant’s lair.

Navigating the complex, you’ll find art installations amidst the rusted pipes and towering structures. This unexpected fusion adds to the site’s outlandish charm.

Völklinger Hütte is a place where industrial might meets artistic vision, a true oddity awaiting your discovery.

Völklinger Hütte, SaarlandPin
Völklinger Hütte, (Ironworks)

Kunsthaus Meyenburg, Nordhausen

At Kunsthaus Meyenburg in Nordhausen, you’ll find yourself immersed in an unexpected treasure trove. Housed within a stunning Art Nouveau villa, this eccentric art destination defies the typical gallery vibe. Imagine avant-garde exhibitions amidst historic walls, where contemporary art meets age-old architecture.

Each visit unravels a new layer of the unusual, as if the art converses with the soul of the building. It’s not just a place to view art—it’s an otherworldly journey that blends past and present in the most bizarre harmony. Delve into this curiosity-filled space, and you may leave questioning the norm of art spaces. It’s weirdness is its charm.

Halle’s Beatles Museum, Halle (Saale)

Venture into the unexpected at Halle’s Beatles Museum, where Germany’s affinity for the Fab Four takes an eccentric twist. This offbeat gem houses an overwhelming collection of memorabilia in a baroque town more known for its classical music heritage. 

Imagine wandering through rooms bursting with rare artifacts from a British band in a quaint German city, an odd pair that somehow strikes a charming chord. Your usual quest for local culture leads you here, to a place where “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” resonates next to Bach’s echoes.

The museum’s quirky existence in Halle is a testament to the universal reach of Beatlemania, making it a distinctive stop on your German itinerary. It’s weird, sure, but also wonderfully unique.

Bastei Bridge, Saxon Switzerland National ParkPin
Bastei Bridge

Bastei Bridge, Saxon Switzerland National Park

As you step onto Bastei Bridge in Saxon Switzerland National Park, the world transforms. Perched precariously atop stunning sandstone pillars, the bridge links to rocky outcrops that soar above the Elbe River. It’s not just the heights that’ll have your heart racing, but the surreal, almost otherworldly rock formations that seem plucked from a fantasy novel.

Below, the serene river winds through the landscape, contrasting sharply with the rugged peaks jutting into the sky. This isn’t your typical scenic vista or historic site; it’s a place where nature’s oddities take center stage, and mankind’s attempts to complement its beauty result in this unique structure.

Bastei Bridge is an unforgettable sight that lingers long after your visit. Embrace the weirdness and let the sheer spectacle etch into your memory.

The Gnome Museum, Gräfenroda

Stroll into the world of The Gnome Museum in Gräfenroda and embrace the peculiar. With thousands of garden gnomes staring back, each telling a unique tale, the experience is quintessentially German in its oddity.

It’s a curious journey through gnome history, a tradition uniquely preserved. The museum offers more than a glimpse; it’s an unexpected exploration of whimsical charm.

This isn’t just peculiar—it’s a one-of-a-kind adventure. A German quirk awaiting your discovery, unmatched anywhere else on the globe.

Bunker Valentin BremenPin
Bunker Valentin

Valentin Bunker, Bremen

At Valentin Bunker in Bremen, your travel quirkiness meter will spike. Imagine exploring one of the largest U-boat pens ever built – now an eerie embodiment of colossal ambition and stark reminders of war.

The mammoth structure, intended to house submarines during WWII, stands unfinished, dauntingly massive. Photos do not not do justice to how big this place is.

Wander through its colossal chambers and let the sheer scale and ghostly atmosphere grip you. The bunker’s concrete carcass, too immense to demolish, now serves as a bizarre monument to wartime follies. It’s a weirdly compelling stop on any German itinerary.

Click here to read our full guide to visiting the Valentin Bunker.

Phonomuseum, St. Georgen

Discover the surreal acoustic adventure of the Phonomuseum in St. Georgen. Imagine stepping into a world where antique phonographs and gramophones don’t just sit silently — they fill the space with echoes from the past. This museum is more than a collection; it’s an auditory journey through the evolution of sound recording.

As you roam its quirky halls, you’ll hear the scratchy tunes and voices from a century ago, which feels both eerie and fascinating. It’s not your typical museum visit; it’s a sensory dip into a bygone era. So when you’re in Germany, venture off the beaten path and tune into history at the Phonomuseum – a truly unique harmony of weird and wonderful.

I hope you have found this list of the weirdest and most unique things to do in Germany interesting and you now have a few more items for your bucket list! While it’s great to visit castles and charming old towns, weird attractions, such as these, will also give you an amazing and unique experience in Germany.

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