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Dive into the heart of Germany with our meticulously crafted 2 week Germany itinerary, guiding you through the nation’s iconic cities and breathtaking landscapes. This journey is more than just a trip; it’s an opportunity to experience Germany’s vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning natural beauty.

Germany has always held a special place in my heart, a country where history is not just something you read in books but is palpably felt through its streets, buildings, and monuments. Our adventure begins in the bustling streets of Berlin, a city that tells a thousand stories, to the serene beauty of Heidelberg, where every cobblestone whispers tales of the past.

From the architectural marvels in Dresden to the green expanses of Munich’s English Garden, this 2 weeks in Germany itinerary is designed to show you the many faces of Germany.

2 week Germany ItineraryPin

I’ve woven together a mix of must-see sights and hidden gems, ensuring you get a taste of Germany’s most iconic landmarks, like the fairy-tale Neuschwanstein Castle, as well as its lesser-known nooks, such as the charming streets of Tübingen. This balance between the popular and the obscure invites both first-time visitors and seasoned travelers to discover something new.

In simple terms, this Germany 2 week itinerary will fill your camera with photos, your mind with memories, and perhaps even your heart with a bit of Germany’s soul. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of storied buildings, the tranquility of nature, or the warmth of local culture, this journey promises a rich tapestry of experiences.

Let’s step into Germany’s story together, creating memories that will beckon us back long after our journey ends.

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Incredible Germany Two Week Itinerary

Welcome to the heart of our comprehensive itinerary for Germany 2 weeks, where we dive into the details of your upcoming adventure. This section is meticulously crafted to guide you through each day’s journey, ensuring you uncover Germany’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Note that this two weeks in Germany itinerary moves relatively fast! If you are someone who wants to see and experience the most of every day, you’ll LOVE this itinerary. If you prefer to take things slower, cut back this itinerary. Remove a few days that sound least interesting and spread out the rest.

If you have longer, you could turn this into a 3 weeks in Germany itinerary by adding an extra day to Berlin, adding a rest day to Munich in the middle, adding a stop in Ulm after Munich and adding a stop in Frankfurt or Cologne at the end.

This Germany in 2 weeks itinerary is designed to be completed by train, but you could also drive if you prefer.

Day 1: Berlin

Berlin skyline with Spree river at sunset, GermanyPin
  • Visit the Brandenburg Gate
  • Tour the Reichstag Building
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – Contemplation at the Holocaust Memorial
  • Visit Checkpoint Charlie
  • Walk through the East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall)
  • Dinner in Mitte

Today is basically covering our one day Berlin itinerary which you can find here.

Day 2: Berlin

  • Spend your morning on Museum Island, choosing from museums like the Neues or Altes Museum.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Berlin Cathedral or enjoy a scenic boat tour along the Spree.
  • Spend time in Kreuzberg


Berlin, nestled in the heart of Germany, is a city that’s as vibrant and dynamic as it is steeped in history. Your journey here lets you step into pages of history, from the poignant reminders of wars to the celebration of unity. At the Brandenburg Gate, you’ll stand before a symbol of German unity, an 18th-century marvel that has witnessed centuries of historical events, urging you to pause and reflect on the past. The Reichstag Building invites you to gaze upon the city from its famous glass dome, offering panoramic views that blend the old with the new.

East Side GalleryPin
East Side Gallery

Exploring further, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe offers a somber, thought-provoking experience, its stark architecture a testament to the victims of the Holocaust. For a dive into Cold War history, Checkpoint Charlie awaits, once a tense crossing point, now a museum that narrates tales of espionage and escape.

The East Side Gallery transforms a segment of the Berlin Wall into a canvas of vibrant murals, turning history into art.

For a cultural feast, Museum Island is your go-to, housing treasures like the Altes, Bode and Neues Museums and the mesmerizing Berlin Cathedral. After soaking in so much history and culture, savor moments in Kreuzberg and Mitte, where the dining scene ranges from traditional bratwurst and schnitzel to avant-garde international dishes.

Berlin is not just a stop on your itinerary; it’s a deep dive into the heart of history, a burst of creative energy, and a culinary journey that promises to enrich your soul and palate.

Read more about Berlin here.

Day 3: Dresden

  • Travel to Dresden in the morning
  • Wander the Old Town area
  • Visit the Zwinger Palace
  • See the Semperoper and the reconstructed Frauenkirche

Day 4: Dresden

  • Visit the Green Vault
  • Take a final stroll around Dresden
  • Take the train to Nuremberg so you are all set to explore tomorrow


Dresden, steeped in Baroque beauty and echoes of a rich past, is a highlight of your Germany adventure. Imagine wandering through a city reborn from the ashes of World War II, where every cobblestone and spire tells a story of resilience.

At the heart of this historical treasure trove is the Zwinger Palace, a breathtaking complex where art and architecture fuse beautifully. Inside, museums and galleries await, promising a deep dive into the world of classical masterpieces.

Frauenkirche DresdenPin

Then, there’s the Semperoper, an opera house that’s as melodious in architecture as in performance; it’s where you’ll feel the pulse of Dresden’s cultural pride. Not far behind in stirring emotions is the Frauenkirche, a symbol of the city’s rebirth, its dome dominating the skyline, inviting you to admire its beauty and the perseverance it symbolizes.

For a touch of sparkle, the Green Vault dazzles with its collection of jewels and artifacts, showcasing centuries of European opulence.

And when hunger strikes, dive into Dresden’s dining scene to savor traditional Saxon dishes—a culinary journey that complements the visual and historical feast.

Read more about Dresden here.

Day 5: Nuremberg – Old Town

Nuremberg's Weissgerbergasse in the Old TownPin
Nuremberg’s Weissgerbergasse in the Old Town

Spend the day in the Old Town exploring as you wander.

  • Check out Kaiserburg (Imperial Castle)
  • Visit Albrecht Dürer’s House, Weissgerbergasse, Hauptmarkt, Schöner Brunnen and Frauenkirche
  • Tour the Germanisches Nationalmuseum (German National Museum)
  • Dinner in the Old Town

Day 6: Nuremberg – WWII History

  • Visit the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds
  • Tour the Nuremberg Trials Memorium


Nuremberg, with its rich tapestry of history dating back to the medieval era and significant moments from WWII, earns its place on your itinerary for its deep historical roots and architectural splendor.

Start at the Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg), a symbol of the city’s power and heritage, offering panoramic views and a journey back to medieval times. Just down the lane, Albrecht Dürer’s House allows you a glimpse into the life of Germany’s Renaissance prodigy, while Weissgerbergasse impresses with its well-preserved half-timbered houses, embodying the city’s medieval charm.

The vibrant Hauptmarkt hosts Schöner Brunnen, resembling a gothic church spire, it stands as a testament to craftsmanship and tradition, adjacent to Frauenkirche, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Documentation Centre Temporary ExhibitPin
Documentation Center

Delve into the 20th century’s somber chapters at the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, an essential visit for understanding Nuremberg’s role in WWII, juxtaposed with the Nuremberg Trials Memorial, which marks the pursuit of justice post-war.

For culture enthusiasts, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum presents a vast array of German art and historical artifacts.

Amid these explorations, indulge in local cuisine; try the famous Nuremberger sausages at Bratwursthäusle.

Read more about Nuremberg here.

Day 7: Munich

  • Take the fast train to Munich in the morning
  • Visit Marienplatz, see the New Town Hall, and Viktualienmarkt
  • Relax in the English Garden

Day 8: Munich

  • Explore Nymphenburg Palace
  • Visit the Deutsches Museum or BMW Museum
  • Enjoy Bavarian hospitality in a traditional beer garden


You won’t want to miss Munich on your German adventure, a city drenched in history, vibrant culture, and architectural marvels, not to mention the legendary Oktoberfest.

Start at Marienplatz, the pulsing heart of Munich, where the enchanting Glockenspiel in the New Town Hall delights spectators with its clockwork performance—truly a sight to behold.

Then wander over to the Viktualienmarkt, a kaleidoscope of fresh produce and Bavarian specialties, where indulging in local delicacies is a must. Your experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the city’s traditional beer gardens, embodying Bavarian hospitality’s warm spirit.

The amazing Town Hall in Marienplatz MunichPin
The amazing Town Hall in Marienplatz

Venture into the serene expanse of the English Garden, larger than New York’s Central Park, offering you peaceful walks and surprising sights like river surfers.

On day 8, be ready to immerse yourself in the opulence of the Nymphenburg Palace, marveling at its sprawling gardens and exquisite baroque architecture, a testament to the grandeur of Bavarian royalty.

Then, face a delightful dilemma in choosing between the intellectual feast at the Deutsches Museum and the sleek, automotive allure of the BMW Museum, both offering unique glimpses into human ingenuity.

Conclude your day enveloped in the warmth of Bavarian culture in one of Munich’s traditional beer gardens, a perfect setting to indulge in local delicacies against a backdrop of convivial surroundings, wrapping up your adventure in Munich with the authentic taste and spirit of Munich.

Read more about Munich here.

Day 9: Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle in GermanyPin
Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle (tour here)

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is a dream destination that’s made its way onto your itinerary because it’s the epitome of a fairy-tale castle. Built in the 19th century, it was King Ludwig II’s vision brought to life, nestled amongst the Bavarian Alps.

Its stunning architecture and the history of royal extravagance make it a must-see. Plus, its scenic backdrop is nothing short of magical, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a storybook.

You can easily visit this enchanting castle with a day tour from Munich. Just a 2-hour drive will transport you to this breathtaking location in Hohenschwangau. Choosing a day tour means you get the full experience without the hassle of planning every little detail or finding accommodation nearby.

It’s a straightforward, hassle-free way to immerse yourself in Germany’s rich history and enjoy some of the most picturesque views the country has to offer. You definitely don’t want to miss the chance to explore this iconic and historic masterpiece.

Read more about Neuschwanstein Castle here.

Day 10: Stuttgart

Viewing platform at the top of Fernsehturm Stuttgart (TV Tower)Pin
Viewing platform at the top of Fernsehturm Stuttgart (TV Tower)
  • Take the train to Stuttgart in the morning
  • Drop off your bags then take a short train trip to visit Ludwigsburg Residential Palace
  • See Stuttgart from Stuttgart TV Tower

Day 11: Stuttgart

  • Visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum
  • Visit the Porsche Museum
  • Spend the afternoon in Esslingen


Stuttgart is on your itinerary because it’s a vibrant city that beautifully merges its long history, dating back to 1100, with its modern-day reputation as a hub for automobile innovation. Here, you can explore the prestigious Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums, where you’ll dive into the stories behind some of the world’s most iconic cars and discover the evolution of automotive technology.

A must-visit is the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace, often referred to as the “Versailles of Swabia.” This sprawling baroque masterpiece invites you to wander through its lavish interiors and picturesque gardens, reflecting centuries of history and architecture. It’s an experience that allows you to step back in time and marvel at royal extravagances.

The Stuttgart TV Tower, known as Fernsehturm Stuttgart, offers you a unique opportunity to see the city from new heights. As the first of its kind in the world, it not only stands as an architectural feat but also offers panoramic views that stretch across the city and beyond, making it a perfect spot for memorable photos and quiet reflection.

Esslingen Old TownPin
Esslingen Old Town

Your itinerary also includes a visit to Esslingen, a charming medieval city near Stuttgart. Walking through Esslingen, you’re greeted by half-timbered houses, ancient churches, and a lively market square that feels like a step into a fairy tale. It’s a place where history comes alive around each corner, offering a peaceful contrast to the buzz of Stuttgart. And it’s just a ten-minute train ride away.

For dining, Stuttgart and Esslingen boast a variety of local and international cuisines. Don’t miss trying the Swabian specialties like Maultaschen (a type of meat-filled dumpling) and Spätzle (soft egg noodles), which provide a delicious insight into the region’s culinary traditions.

Visiting these attractions allows you to experience a blend of history, innovation, and culture, making your trip enriching and unforgettable.

Read more about Stuttgart here.

Day 12: Tübingen

Old Town TübingenPin
Old Town Tübingen
  • Day trip to Tübingen


Tübingen is a gem nestled near Stuttgart, with a rich tapestry woven from its history dating back to the 11th century. This medieval town, with its half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets, offers a journey back in time, making it a captivating inclusion in your itinerary.

You can wander through the old town, soaking in the vibrant market square, an experience akin to stepping onto the set of a historical film.

The town is not just about its picturesque views; it’s also a center of intellect, home to the Eberhard Karls University, one of Europe’s oldest. Exploring the historic university buildings, especially the Alte Aula with its Renaissance architecture, provides a glimpse into the academic legacy that shapes this town.

Your visit wouldn’t be complete without taking a scenic walk or boat tour along the Neckar River. The tranquil riverbanks and the stunning vistas of Tübingen’s skyline offer perfect moments of reflection and relaxation.

For culinary enthusiasts, Tübingen’s dining scene is an adventure in itself. You can indulge in local specialties like Maultaschen in cozy cafes and restaurants, blending culinary exploration with the town’s warm ambiance.

In Tübingen, you’ll find a unique blend of history, culture, natural beauty, and culinary delights, providing a restful counterpart to the more bustling stops on your journey. It’s an easy train ride from Stuttgart making a day trip very possible.

Read more about Tübingen here.

Day 13: Heidelberg

most romantic places in Germany HeidelbergPin
  • Explore Heidelberg Castle and the Old Town
  • Wander through the Old Town, enjoying its cozy cafes and student bars
  • Enjoy a Neckar River cruise

Day 14: Heidelberg

  • Take the Philosophers’ Walk and explore Heiligenberg
  • Visit Heidelberg University Museum


Heidelberg captivates with its unique blend of historical significance and breathtaking landscapes, making it a standout destination. The Heidelberg Castle, a spellbinding Renaissance ruin, offers an intriguing look into Germany’s past. Its grandeur and the stories embedded in its walls are compelling for any history enthusiast or anyone looking to immerse themselves in the tales of yesteryears.

Strolling through the Old Town, you’ll find cozy cafes and lively student bars that provide a taste of local life and cuisine. Don’t miss trying some traditional German dishes here; the local taverns offer hearty meals that perfectly complement the city’s historic atmosphere.

The Philosophers’ Walk, with its stunning views over Heidelberg and the Neckar River, is ideal for reflection or simply enjoying the serene landscape. It’s a must-do for capturing memorable photos and experiencing why poets and philosophers found inspiration here. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to detour up the hill to where Heidelberg began at Heiligenberg (more about it here).

Heidelberg views from the Philosophers WayPin
Heidelberg views from the Philosophers Way

The Heidelberg University Museum showcases the intellectual heritage of Germany’s oldest university, adding a scholarly layer to your visit.

Finally, a cruise on the Neckar River not only relaxes but allows you to see Heidelberg’s picturesque settings from a different perspective, wrapping up your experience with panoramic views of the city’s red rooftops and historic sites.

Read more about Heidelberg here.

From Heidelberg, it’s an easy train trip direct to Frankfurt Airport.

Map Of Your Two Weeks Germany Itinerary

The following maps shows you everywhere you will go in this two week Germany itinerary.

two week Germany itinerary mapPin
Click the map above to open it in Google maps

Wrapping up your 2 weeks in Germany by train, you’ve traversed landscapes steeped in history and been embraced by the vibrant culture and warmth of its people. From the historic walls of Berlin to the enchanting allure of Heidelberg, each city has unfolded a unique story, etching memories that will resonate for a lifetime.

As you reflect on your journey, the beauty of Germany’s diverse regions and the richness of its heritage have likely ignited a spark of wanderlust, encouraging future explorations. This trip was not just a passage through places but a deep dive into the heart of Germany, promising an enduring connection with this magnificent country and an eager anticipation for your next visit.

You could also combine our one week itinerary from Frankfurt to Munich here and our one week Bavaria itinerary here to make a Germany itinerary 2 weeks. You can also find all our guides to planning a trip to Germany here.

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