Ibis Budget Hannover Garbsen Review: What You Need To Know About Staying Here

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Looking for a cheap hotel near Hannover that’s super convenient to the Bundesautobahn 2 (or Autobahn 2)? So were we!

As we rushed between Paris and Copenhagen on a recent trip, we needed somewhere to stay that would be comfortable, so we would be well rested in between two long days of driving and wouldn’t take us any extra time to get to from the Autobahn.

The Ibis Budget Hannover, Garbsen

We were super happy when we found Ibis Budget Hannover Garbsen as it not only met these requirements but is also very cheap!

So is it to cheap to be true? Meaning it’s really not very nice?

Keep reading for our full review of this Ibis Hotel Hannover.

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Ibis Budget Hannover Garbsen Review

I stayed at this Hotel Ibis Hannover with my 10 year old son. It’s a one star hotel but does get very good reviews online for a one star hotel. Here are our thoughts.

Ibis Hotel Garbsen Location

First of all, the location of this Hannover Ibis Hotel could not be better if you are looking for an option by the Autobahn. If you are looking for this, it gets 5 stars for location. You can be here within minutes of exiting the highway. Despite the close proximity, noise was not a factor.

If you are looking for a hotel to explore Hannover from, it does not. It’s only about a 20 minute drive (according to Google maps can be 14 – 26 minutes depending on traffic) to the centre of Hannover though. You are looking at closer to an hour on public transport, and I would only recommend this Ibis Budget Hotel Hannover if you have a car.

Address: Rostocker Str. 8, 30823 Garbsen, Germany

Ibis Budget Hannover Garbsen mapPin
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There are two room types – a standard room with a double bed and a bunk bed over it for up to three people and a twin room with twin beds for two people.

They both have private shower and toilet, satellite TV and a desk area. They also have heating and air conditioning. They are on the small side at 16 m².

Since I was staying with my son, we got a twin room. The beds are close together so if you’re not on good terms with whoever you wanted to share a room with maybe get separate rooms.

Twin Room

Our room for the night: small but clean and comfortable.

Our room was modern and clean but simple, as you would expect. Despite being so small it felt big enough with our two suitcases, two bags and the two of us for the night. Arriving late at night meant we didn’t have a chance to do much but sleep and have a shower in the morning so a small but simple room suited us fine.

The beds were comfortable although the single pillow on the beds was a bit lacking in substance by my tastes – but that as big a criticism as I could make. I like bigger pillows, so it’s unlikely to be an issue for most people.

The air conditioning/heater worked nicely and I could get the room to a comfortable temperature easily. The shower was good and some all in one shampoo/body wash/conditioner/soap was in there for good measure.

Not a bathroom as such…more a sink and a shower, with a toilet in its own little room.

Noise wise, I could hear people in the hallway (and we were near the stairs so more likely to be walked past) but no noise from other rooms. A quiet night’s sleep was no problem.

All in all, while this is a 1-star room, it was quiet and comfortable and did the job fine. I wouldn’t want to stay here a week but for a short stay of a night or two it’s a decent choice.

One interesting thing worth pointing out is that you’re not given any key or keycard. On check-in you get a printed receipt with your room number and an access code on it.

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Hotel Ibis Garbsen Facilities

As you would expect, there isn’t a huge range of facilities at this Hotel Hannover Ibis which is fine as I’m sure most people are breaking up journeys like we were.

There is car parking, free wifi (which worked well) and vending machines for snacks and drinks. Breakfast is also on offer.

There is a reception but it shuts after a certain time, after which you check yourself in on a small kiosk machine. This needs the reservation number (you can’t check in by name) so have it handy if arriving late. The machine will also let you book a room and pay if you rock up without a booking.

While not usually what I’d think of as a facility, staff friendliness was lacking. After checking in ourselves at night, we were curtly met at breakfast with a demand to show my kiosk issued invoice (is a bitte too much to ask?). We were in trouble at the small mess my son made at the breakfast buffet as well as because somehow the kiosk invoice said one person when there were two of us (I don’t know as I booked for two).

They also talked amongst themselves in German about us while we were there like I was too dumb to notice (and not realising my son speaks German).

At least the check in kiosk said Thank You as it took my money.

Hotel Ibis Budget Garbsen Dining

We paid a little extra when booking to get breakfast included in our room rate so we could easily eat something before leaving early in the morning. This worked out great.

The breakfast is on the simple side but since it only cost about 10 euros for the two of us with the room rate we got, it was a bargain. Even taking into account having to deal with Mrs. Rudest Hotel Staff Member Ever while we ate…

The buffet is a modest continental spread – cereals, muesli, rolls, bread for toast, condiments, some sliced processed meats, cheese, tomato, cucumber. For drinks there’s the usual water, juices and whatever options were on the coffee machine. Not luxury, but it was all fresh, plentiful and hit the spot. I’d be more than happy with that every breakfast – especially at that price.

Overall, breakfast was great value.

Final Words

The Garben Ibis Hotel Hannover Germany is the perfect place to stay if you are looking to break up a journey or simply want easy and cheap accommodation.

The Ibis Budget Hotel at Garben isn’t an option you pick for a longer stay, spacious rooms, proximity to central Hannover or cheery, welcoming, staff. However, if your criteria are cheap, handy to the Autobahn and comfortable then this place is well worth checking out for an overnight or short stay.

And if you do say here, definitely pay for the breakfast.

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