This Is What AI Thinks Germany Looks Like. Can You Guess What These Places Are? 👀😂

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Welcome to our latest digital escapade, where we’ve decided to take a tour of Germany—but with a twist. Our journey doesn’t traverse the usual autobahns or explore the well-trodden cobblestones of history. Instead, we’ve voyaged through a digital valley, bringing back snapshots of Deutschland as seen through the eyes of artificial intelligence.

The results were… interesting. That’s putting it nicely. 😂😂😂😂

AI produced images are still a long way from being perfect. But this leads to a puzzling yet amusing challenge: can you guess what these places are supposed to be?

Our trusty sidekick on this adventure was none other than Canva, an image editing tool we love. We tried out the AI part of this tool for the first time by asking it to visualize some of Germany’s most iconic locations.

The result? A collection of photos that might make you think we’ve discovered a secret German dimension, where everything looks familiar but feels as if it’s been dreamt up by a particularly creative strudel.

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Can you guess these places in Germany?Pin

Embarking on this journey, we aimed not only to test the limits of current AI capabilities but to have a bit of fun with the technology. As you’ll soon discover, some of the images capture the essence of their real-world counterparts in a way that’s almost convincing—until you spot a castle built out of bratwurst or Old Town streets that are decidedly more whimsical than their real-life versions. The delightful discrepancies will have you chuckling and second-guessing of what you’re actually looking at.

In the rest of this article, we invite you to join us in a lighthearted game of “Guess That AI-Generated German Locale!” Keep your eyes peeled for clues hidden within each oddball representation and test your knowledge of Germany’s landmarks as you’ve never seen them before.

Whether you’re a geography guru, a lover of all things German, or simply in the mood for a laugh, this peculiar gallery promises a tour filled with humor, surprises, and perhaps a new appreciation for the unpredictable artistry of artificial intelligence. Ready to start? Let’s see how well you know Germany – or, at least, an AI’s interpretation of it.

So don’t scroll down quickly. Look at the photo for a moment, guess the place and then scroll a little more to see if you got it right. We’ll be super impressed if you can guess all ten of them! 😂

Let’s hop in an AI produced image of a Germany train to transport ourselves to Deutschland, ready to go for this very different sightseeing tour….

Fake AI image of inside a german trainPin
This is what AI thinks a German train looks like…

Let’s start with an easy one.

Where is this in Germany…..

Fake AI image of RothenburgPin
Number 1

It’s interesting how it’s kind of right, kind of completely wrong….

Answer: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

See it for real here.

How did you go?

Let’s try number 2….

Fake AI image of ColognePin
Number 2

A city this time.

Answer: Cologne

See it for real here.

It wasn’t too difficult. This one is a lot harder…. 😂

Fake AI image of CochemPin
Number 3

Can you work this out?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s in the Moselle Valley, but the image really doesn’t look that much like the town it’s supposed to be….

Answer: Cochem

See it for real here.

Here’s two more… See how you go….

Fake AI image of HamburgPin
Number 4
Fake AI image of QuedlinburgPin
Number 5

Do you think you know them?

Let’s check….

Answer 4: Hamburg

See it for real here.

Answer 5: Quedlinburg

See it for real here.

Let’s celebrate being halfway with the easiest photo of all… We think you can get this…

Fake AI image of Brandenburg GatePin
Number 6

Answer: Berlin

See it for real here.

It’s the Brandenburg Gate, of course. Looking not quite right, but we think it is still easily recognizable.

What about this one?

Fake AI image of HeidelbergPin
Number 7

I can see what AI is trying to do with this one, but it really doesn’t hit the mark. It does make us chuckle though.

So where is it?

Answer: Heidelberg

See it for real here.

Next up is one that missed the mark by a fair bit, but I think if you have been here in real life, you may be able to work it out.

Fake AI image of TrierPin
Number 8

Where is it?

Answer: Trier

See it for real here.

For number 9, I tried a natural attraction instead. It really doesn’t look right at all, but I’ll give you a hint. Just concentrate on the color of the water…

Fake AI image of BlautopfPin
Number 9

Any ideas at all?

Answer: Blautopf

See it for real here.

Yes, that one was really hard.

The next one is a little easier. It looks a little like the actual place so you may be able to get it. It’s really not this flat in reality though and it’s all a little off…

Fake AI image of BacharachPin
Number 10

So where is number 10?

Answer: Bacharach (Rhine Valley)

See it for real here.

So how did you go? Did you get many out of ten?

AI is not going to be taking over from real photographers any time soon, but I hope these photos have given you a challenge, a chuckle and improved your day 🙂

Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page here how you went. How many did you get out of ten?!

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  1. Thanks, that was fun. I’m originally from there but lived in the US for the past 40 years. Missed 3 though. Kornelia

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